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When people owe you money, whether they’re patients or clients, and you’re having no luck getting them to pay up, you need a debt collection service. Professional, affordable, and reliable, a good debt collection service will recover the funds you are owed. If you live in New Jersey and are seeking debt collection, you need the services provided by Amity Associates, LLC. We’ve provided debt collection assistance for more than 30-years and we’ll collect on your past-due receivables, too.

As a small business owner, you know how frustrating it is to see month after month accounts slipping into past-due status. You’re tired of making the phone calls and sending letters in order to get the money you’re owed. You’re getting nowhere and you need help! At Amity Associates, our team of debt collection specialists will collect the monies owed to you. We specialize in collections for medical services, to get money you’re owed for the services you’ve provided. Our professional collection specialists will find the people who owe you money, using aggressive yet professional techniques, and we will correct the issue of an overdue balance.

It’s a stressful feeling, knowing that someone owes you money. You earned that money and you deserve to be paid! Amity Associates, LLC, a debt collection service in Randolph, NJ, is licensed, bonded, and insured. Even better, we get results that will make you smile. To discuss how our debt collection service will assist you in recovering the money you’re owed, give us a call at 973-328-6271.

For a superior debt collection service in Randolph, NJ, call Amity Associates LLC at 973-328-6271. We will collect the money you are owed! We offer the following services to New Jersey business owners:

* Debt Collection
* Debt Recovery
* Delinquent Account Recovery
* Medical Billing Collection
* Account Receivables Collection
* Credit Reporting

"A medical billing and debt collections service providing recovery solutions for any Business, Individual, or Patient claim. Healthcare Professionals and Business Owners throughout New Jersey have been entrusting our Agency with their overdue accounts receivables for over 30 years."

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